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Do not mail your Credentials book! Your Credentials book must be complete and checked by your State Registrar. Your State Registrar will then sign the Credentials Verification form and forward it to the host State Registrar before your arrival. Your local State Registrar will also notify the host State Registrar if there are any pieces missing in your Credentials book. Should that occur, the player/players will not be allowed to play until said documentation is provided to the Tournament Director. Your book must be turned in to the local Tournament Director before your first game and will be returned to you when your team is eliminated or advances to the next level.

  1. Birth certificate for each rostered player. Must be state issued. Hospital birth certificates are not allowed. The only alternative to a state issued form is a US passport. Those players who have had their birth certificate certified by their state registrar will not have to supply a copy of the form as their certification will be noted on the team roster.
  2. A certified Roster Registration Form (1-T) signed by your state registrar.
  3. Only those players who have not registered online at www.usahockey.com will have to supply a Signed Waiver of Liability, Release, Assumption of Risk and Indemnifying Agreement. Because all 5 states in the NE District mandate online registration, this should not be an issue. Any player who does not have the symbol "&" in the column following their date of birth, or coach with the same symbol following the Position column will have to supply a signed paper waiver of liability.
  4. Teams submitting Roster forms (1-T) representing players and coaches that have been electronically registered with USA Hockey do not need to submit proof of registration. In the event your program registers manually, USA Hockey Individual Membership Registration Form (IMR) for each rostered player, and coach (head and all assistants) must be provided.
  5. USA Hockey Code of Conduct Form for each rostered player AND coach.
  6. USA Hockey Consent to Treat form for each rostered player AND coach.
  7. Sanctioned game score sheet to verify compliance with the 10/20 (Youth) or 10/14 (Girls/Women) rules for each rostered player.
  8. All coaches must be certified at the current coaching credential at the level mandated by USA Hockey for this age group/competitive level. If this information does not appear on the roster, and also does not appear at the USA Hockey online certification list, then the coach will have to supply a copy of a valid current coaching card verifying that he is certified at the mandated level.
  9. Non US Citizens must supply a written transfer form signed by USA Hockey each year (unless their transfer is unconditional). The player must also supply documentation showing how they are in this country legally. Players in this country with their parents will generally have a green card or similar documentation. Players without their parents are generally here in prep schools and must supply documentation showing their student visa status.